Milan GT On the Way

I’ve just come to an agreement with BROL member, maidenvan, to buy his Milan GT velomobile. According to maidenvan, the Milan has just been collecting dust so he decided to sell it. I’m anxious to see how it compares to my DF XL.

I’m told that the large gap in the cockpit bodywork (shown below) is due to the panel just not being latched down.



This Milan was built by Steve Schleicher in Canada. It comes with a Bionix electric assist system installed and with the original rear wheel. I’ll most likely return it to stock configuration. It has center steering like the DF and the Quest. Many Milans have dual stick “tank” steering.

The check is in the mail. Now I just need to be patient for the next couple of weeks while the Milan is being crated and shipped. I plan to keep both velomobiles for a while. Every one needs a backup velomobile.

Greenspeed SLR Sold


My SLR has been spending too much time hanging on the wall as I’m riding my DF XL most of the time these days. It should go to someone who will put it through its paces. With the popularity of the new Greenspeed Aero, the very rare SLR should start to look familiar. It is the more extreme, faster, racier, lower, narrower parent of the Aero.

The SLR is designed to be raced in the Australian Pedal Prix series where it has dominated for the last 10 years. It is a racing trike with very little ground clearance – about 1″ from the ground to the aluminum skid plate. The trike remains glued to the ground in the turns due to the low center of gravity, long wheelbase and negative cambered front wheels.

This very clean, low mileage SLR has the standard single side tank steering lever. It comes with 2 complete sets of wheels. Shown here is a set of 349 fronts with a 406 rear with black Velocity Aeroheat rims. The rear wheel has a Bike Friday Capreo-compatible rear hub (much nicer than the Shimano Capreo hub) with a custom 9-32 cassette. The fronts have new Sturmey Archer 75mm drum brakes. The other set of wheels is the stock silver Velocity Aerohead (not Aeroheat) 3 x 16″ (349) wheels with standard rear hub with 11-32 cassette.


Here are the details:

  • Shimano Ultrega double 165mm crankset with 60-39 chain rings. (pedals not included)
  • No front derailleur
  • Wheel set #1 – black Velocity Aeroheat
    • Fronts: 349 with Stelvio tires and Sturmey Archer 70mm drum brakes
    • Rear: 406 with Bike Friday Capreo-compatible hub with 9-32 9-speed cassette and new Schwalbe One tire.
    • Another Rear: 349 with Bike Friday Capreo-compatible hub
  • Wheel set #2 – silver Velocity Aeroheads (narrower and lighter than Aeroheats)
    • Fronts: 349 with machined Sturmey Archer 70mm drum brakes
    • Rear: 349 with standard rear hub and 11-32 9-speed cassette
  • Shimano Ultegra medium cage 9-speed rear derailleur
  • Shimano bar-end 9-speed indexed shifter
  • Dual actuated brake lever
  • Single side lever tank steering
  • Weight as shown is 31 pounds. Note: the stock 3 x 349 Aerohead wheel set with machined drums reduces that by about one pound.



Shown below with the stock Greenspeed silver 3 x 349 wheels with machined Sturmey Archer drum brakes


Side by side with the Aero