Trice Monster

I’ve been on the hunt for a Trice Monster for a long time. ICE only made 17 Monsters. I guess it was considered too radical for most ICE customers to buy. Having owned 4 other Trice/ICE trikes, I was sure that the Monster was exactly what I was looking for. Unfortunately, ICE no longer makes custom trikes like the Monster so I was forced to approximate a Monster when I built the Pseudo Monster.

After a couple of years of scouring the internet and following many dead ends, I’ve finally been able to purchase a Monster. “neoloid” (BROL user name) in the UK finally agreed to sell me his very clean Monster. It was quite an ordeal setting up the payment, shipping and customs etc. but Monster 007 has made its way to Santa Barbara (Jan 2012) in great shape. Neoloid exercised great patience with the process and did a stellar job of wrapping and packing every piece. I was pleased by the condition of the trike. It appears to have very few miles. The paint is in excellent shape and all of the other pieces are surprisingly fresh for being 5 or 6 years old.

Back in the custom trike days at ICE, you could buy a frame kit which consisted of the frame, steering, seat, brackets and front wheels. The standard bike parts (drive train, brakes etc.) were provided by the buyer. Neoloid sold me the frame kit as he bought it and I supplied the standard bike parts. I gathered the necessary parts to get it together quickly. I decided to use the stock pieces that were provided such as the idlers and chain tubes. I bought a cheap rear wheel that will be replaced soon. I’ll probably end up rethinking the chain line, but I went with the stock configuration to get things going quickly.

Over the years, I’ve tended to buy and sell my recumbents pretty frequently. However, I learned a lesson when I sold my Trice XXL. Custom Trices are too fine and rare to let go of. I think that Monster 007 will be in my collection for a long time.


Latest configuration with VTX seat, 406 front wheels, 10 speed drive train and carbon fiber components. I still have all the original parts in case I decide to restore it to its original state.

4 thoughts on “Trice Monster

  1. Hey Michael
    I’m so glad that it arrived safely and that you are happy with how I looked after it and packaged it. I’m also happy that it has gone to a good home and someone who deserved it.
    Can’t wait to see how you end up speccing and I’ll drop by regularly to see how you are getting on.
    Cheers, Neil

    • Thanks. I feel very fortunate to have found a Monster after lusting for one for so long.

      Sorry. No pictures of me on the Monster. I’m not very photogenic.

      • After looking at these pictures, I completely understand why.

        Can you put somebody pretty on and take a picture? 🙂

        I want to see what somebody looks like with a seat that low (I have a hard time telling what seat angle really looks like without a body in it…)
        p.s. If you ship it to me, I’ll take a picture of myself in the seat!

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