Greenspeed Aero Moves On

After a couple of months of owning the Aero, I’ve decided to let it go. The Aero is a light and zippy trike, but doesn’t add anything unique to my current collection of trikes (Monster, SLR and DF XL). The Aero could have been so much better. It is too wide, too short and too high for my tastes.

Plus, I’ve got to say that the build quality is very disappointing for the price Greenspeed is asking. The rims are cheesy single wall. The spoke nipples are exposed to the tube with only a lousy rubber strip protecting the tube. The welds are mediocre. The rear chain stays are just round tubing squashed at the ends to fit the dropouts. There is no place to mount a water bottle cage nor a rear view mirror and on and on…

I was going to put it up for sale on BROL. Then my friend Gregory took it out on a test ride on a recent visit and decided that he really liked it. He said that it “felt” faster than his Catrike 700. So the Aero now lives in the San Francisco Bay Area.