My first trike, in fact my first recumbent, was a WizWheelz TerraTrike 3.0 that I bought in 2000. At the time, there were very few choices in trikes in the US. There were Greenspeeds and Windcheetahs, but they were very expensive. The TerraTrike was the only trike made in the US (I believe). It was about 1/3 the price of the others.

Over several years, I gradually upgraded it (piece by piece) to a 3.3/3.4. It had a high center of gravity and in hindsight, handled terribly. Fortunately, over the next few years, improved trikes, like the Catrike Speed, came on the scene and I said goodbye to my TerraTrike. Wizwheelz (now called TerraTrike) still sells variations of this outdated design. I keep hoping that they will come out with a low, long, narrow fast trike that I could live with. Unfortunately, they’ve gone the other way, building tall, slow trikes for the masses.

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