3D Printed Mirror Housings

Today I installed my new mirror housings on the DFXL. I designed them using TinkerCad.com and printed them in PLA filament on my Tevo Tarantula 3D printer. After coming off the printer, they were finished with a lot of sanding and a bit of 3M spot putty  and painted with color matched spray paint.

The design can be seen in an earlier post. I’ve uploaded the design to Thingiverse.com.


Bill’s A2 Fairing

I had a chance to ride with Bill M. (A2naut on BROL) today. Bill is a welder/fabricator and a proud builder/rider of an Alleweder A2. He was testing out his nearly finished head fairing today on the A2. This fairing is a hand formed compound curved piece of aluminum. There aren’t many guys left that can make a piece like this. Check it out…

More pictures here…

3D Printing

I’ve been playing with designing and 3D printing small parts for my DFXL I’ve posted one design on Thingiverse. This is a aerodynamic shell for a B&M Cyclestar mirror. Here is the Thingiverse link.

Here is another design that I’ve played with. This is a chain keeper for the front idler on my DFXL. The first iteration of this was just a bit too close to the bottom of the idler so the chain slap was too irritating. The next iteration will be about 1mm longer.