Good Bye to the Catrike 700 and Hello to DF 141

I’m once again a 3 velomobile owner. I’ve just completed a trade of the black Catrike 700 plus cash for a crashed standard DF velomobile. DF 141 had been involved in a crash about a year ago when it ran into the side of a car that turned into its path. The owner had repaired the resulting cracks and ridden it for the last year. The repairs were structurally sound but not pretty.

So why would I do this deal? Ever since I managed to squeeze into the tiny Milan SL, I wondered if I could downsize from my DFXL to a standard DF. A standard DF would have a smaller frontal area which could potentially be faster. My 700 spent most of its time hanging in the garage so it was time for it to go. The plan is to spiff DF 141 and see if I can comfortably ride it. If so, I’ll sell my DFXL. If it’s not comfortable, I’ll sell it and keep my DFXL