Catrike Speed(s)

The gray 05 Speed was my first Catrike. What a joy it was after riding a TerraTrike for 5 years. I sold this trike in ’06 to upgrade to the yellow ’06 Speed. In hindsight, I actually prefer the looks of the ’05’s gray frame and polished wheels. After riding Speeds for a couple of years, I moved on to Catrike 700s.

2 thoughts on “Catrike Speed(s)

  1. Hi! Why you move to 700? whats are the most significant diferences to speeds?

    I debut to recumbents with KMX Tornado and sold because this model has a heavy weight and lack of comfort.
    Then I buy used catrike speed 2008 model and with this I completed the 2015 PBP, this trike is very fun and light but the comfort is poor and the average speed regular.
    Today I thinking about an sporty trike faster but most confortable like ICE VTX vs polyvalent velomobile like WAW.

    What do you think about this?

    • The 700 is a little faster than the Speed. However, the Speed handles a little better in the turns. The VTX will be about the same speed as a 700. You will be much faster in a WAW on flat terrain and rolling hills. The WAW will be slower on long climbs since it is much heavier than a 700 or VTX. It’s nice to keep a trike for when you’re riding with other trike riders or doing a lot of climbing. A velomobile is great fun when you want to go fast.

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