Getting Back On A Bicycle

It’s been a year or two since I’ve owned a recumbent bike. Recently my friend, Gregory, bought a used Carbent high racer. We get together from time to time to ride trikes or my velomobiles so I thought it would be fun to get a similar bike so that we’d have another option on our rides.

I began looking for used Bacchettas and Carbents. I even considered buying a new Schlitter Freestyle. But, since I don’t anticipate riding a bike very often, I decided to spend as little as possible. I was able to pick up this used Carbent Raven on eBay for a very low price. Carbents are built to fit the buyer. Boom length and seat recline are not very adjustable. So, I hope that I won’t need to do any surgery on this bike. I’m sure that I’ll need to refresh some parts before I take it on the road.

Update: I picked up the Carbent and it was in much better shape than I had expected. It fits me well. It will need a new chain and some cleaning but that’s about it.