Milan GT On the Way

I’ve just come to an agreement with BROL member, maidenvan, to buy his Milan GT velomobile. According to maidenvan, the Milan has just been collecting dust so he decided to sell it. I’m anxious to see how it compares to my DF XL.

I’m told that the large gap in the cockpit bodywork (shown below) is due to the panel just not being latched down.



This Milan was built by Steve Schleicher in Canada. It comes with a Bionix electric assist system installed and with the original rear wheel. I’ll most likely return it to stock configuration. It has center steering like the DF and the Quest. Many Milans have dual stick “tank” steering.

The check is in the mail. Now I just need to be patient for the next couple of weeks while the Milan is being crated and shipped. I plan to keep both velomobiles for a while. Every one needs a backup velomobile.

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