In 2005, I bought my first ICE trike. This was the first year of the S. It was based on the geometry of the XXL with a rigid rear end. At that time, I couldn’t afford an XXL so I was happy to find this S for an incredible price. This was a great all around trike. While I owned this trike, I also owned a Catrike Speed. I was under the impression that I should only own one trike at a time. I struggled over which trike I should sell – the ICE S or the Speed. It was a close decision (and I don’t remember my reasons) but I sold the S. I’ve since realized that having multiple trikes is OK.

5 thoughts on “ICE S

  1. I just picked up an ‘S’ at a very cheap price but it has no chain tubes. I can get new tubes but the original attachments baffle me. Do you haven to have any picture of those?

    • Thanks for getting back to me so quickly. My S has the dual idler on it now, so the original bracket behind the single idler and the tube clamps are missing. Because there are no tubes now, the power side of the chain rubs and slaps the seat stay. I’m thinking about getting a floating tube from T-Cycles and putting it right where the chain crosses the seat stay.

      • I think I know what you mean. I have a similar situation on my Monster since I removed the chain tubes. I just stuck some velcro (fuzzy side) on the bottom of the seat bracket where the chain slapped. This protects the paint and keeps everything quiet. However, this would not be a good solution if the chain constantly dragged on the seat bracket. It would wear through the velcro pretty fast.

      • I think you’re right. I just ordered the T-trike from Hostel Shoppe. Their shipping is less than half of what T-Cycle wanted. Thanks for your help.

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