More wheels for the Vortex

I’ve completed another 2 sets of wheels for the Vortex (in addition to the set of Velocity A23 wheels that I built first). The goofy looking deep profile wheels use carbon fiber rims from in the standard Vortex sizes of 700 rear and 406 fronts with Ultremo tires all around. The normal looking wheels (far right picture) are Velocity Aeroheat rims but in smaller than stock sizes. In order to lower the whole trike, I used a 559 rear and 349 fronts with Stelvio tires all around. With this setup, the Vortex is almost identical to one of my favorite trikes, the Pseudo Monster. The frame and steering geometry are about the same. I’ll enjoy experimenting with the 3 sets of wheels.

Meteor Gone

Elizabeth and her husband Jon came down to Santa Barbara a couple of weeks ago to pick up the Meteor. We spent a few hours making adjustments. I had the seat positioned pretty far back for me so we had to move it forward on the frame and shorten the boom. After we got the Meteor dialed in, we took off for a quick ride up the bike path to Goleta Beach. It was an all ICE trike ride – Elizabeth on the Meteor, Jon on a Vortex and me on the Monster. Elizabeth took off like a rocket. At some points along the way, we were doing 20mph on the flat bike path. I was sad to see it go, but I’m glad the the Meteor went to someone who can really enjoy it.