Small Refinements to My Milan Hood

I’ve been tinkering with my Milan hood, making some minor improvements so I thought I’d do a quick update.

Closable flush NACA duct flap

I really like having a closable NACA duct on my DF – enough so that I’ve added one to my Milan SL.

The flap is adjusted using a lever mechanism similar to the one I used on my DF NACA duct.

Side Window moldings

I 3D printed these moldings in flexible TPU filament to hold the side windows in place. Formerly the side windows were just hot glued to the interior surface of the hood. It looked pretty messy.

Added Snoek-inspired Mirrors

I originally came up with these for the DF. They actually fit the Milan hood better on the flat sides of the knee humps. These mirrors replace the smaller Spin mirrors that were located closer to the visor where the plastic white plugs now fill the holes.