’13 700 Built

For the last week, I’ve been putting together my new 700. There were a few delays getting some of the parts. The US Post Office lost my A23 rims for 2 weeks. The Avid hydraulic brakes arrived damaged. However, it all came together today. IMG_1295 IMG_1298 IMG_1391I took it out for its first shakedown ride today to dial in some adjustments. It’s been a while since I rode a 700. This new model feels similar to the old – just higher off the ground and more laid back. After getting used to ICE and Trice trikes’ indirect steering, the 700’s direct steering feels pretty heavy.

I like the candy blue color OK. However, I think that it would look better if the boom were painted to match. Now all Catrikes come with the black boom with the graduation marks printed in white.