Milan GT

I’ve recently purchased this very low milage Canadian Milan GT from the original owner in Chicago. It came with a Bionx electrical assist system and heavy Marathon Plus tires. I tried it out configured like this once, then removed the Bionx and installed some light  Schwalbe One tires. This brought the weight down from 83 to a more reasonable 60 lbs.

Other improvements that I’ve done include:

  • upgrading the front drum brakes from 70mm to 90mm.
  • converting the 9 speed 11-32 cluster and shifter to a 10 speed 11-36.
  • swapping the inner chainring from a 38 to a 34.
  • replacing the stock threaded rod tie rods with proper left/right threaded tubular tie rods.

Here’s a picture of the Milan GT arriving in Santa Barbara for the first time. I had the seller ship it to my friend’s warehouse in Oxnard and trailered it home from there.IMG_3121

Top off for the summer.IMG_3143

Quick and dirty storage rack




Ready to travel


I have to admit that I’m not thrilled with the dark red color of the Milan. After a lot of practice and failures, I managed to complete a vinyl wrap of the Milan using Avery vinyl.


More info about the velomobile rack –>