Catrike SilverCat

The Catrike Silver Cat is a one-off prototype built by Catrike. It was one of the best handling trikes I ever rode. I just could never get comfortable on it so I sold it. I should have kept it just for its historical value. However, it was clearly a prototype and pretty rough and junky. There’s only so much room in the garage and only so many trikes that my family can tolerate. It’s now on its 5th or 6th owner and is often discussed on BROL.

3 thoughts on “Catrike SilverCat

  1. I was owner number 5? I had adapted the Silvercat to a ride-able condition and rode it for a couple thousand miles. I traded it to a Friend Jim Aliano straight across for a Greenspeed GTO. I believe he is bringing it back to it’s stock prototype condition but with new parts. I think he will put it on a wall as a display, I would love to see it when it is complete

    • I’m glad that someone is putting it back to its original configuration. I believe that I was owner number 3. Larry Varney sold it to Backdraft (? BROL name) who sold it to me. None of us really changed it. It had some inherent design problems. The tie rod had to have a bow in it to clear the frame. This allowed it to flex, making it possible for the front toe in to change under side loads.

      On an unrelated note… My family has been terrorized by gun violence in the recent past. Several members were gunned down. Easy access to guns to a crazy man made that possible. Seeing someone proudly holding some sort of assault weapon on my own blog is very disturbing. What does that have to do with recumbents anyway? If you would like to post here, please change your avatar. I can’t keep guns out of our neighborhood, but I can keep them out of my house and out of my blog.

      • I do apologize, I replied logging in with my Facebook which was an option. I am sorry you or your family had anything happen badly when It comes to guns, you will have to delete my post to delete the photo.

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