Greenspeed X5 – SOLD

I recently met a fellow retiree at the local dog park. During a short conversation, he mentioned that he has had a tricycle hanging in his garage for years. He had bought it from Dana at Bent Up Cycles to use to walk his dog. It seems that idea didn’t work out very well so he put it away and never used it again. I went by his place to have a look and was surprised to find a pristine Greenspeed X5. It looks like it just rolled off of the Bent Up Cycles showroom floor. There’s not a scratch or sign of any wear. It looks like it was never used. The tires still have the center seam.

I failed to convince him to take it back out on the road. He was more interested in getting the trike in the hands of someone who would make good use of it. So I offered to help him find a new home for the X5.

Price: SOLD $1800 plus Shipping via Shipbikes to Continental USA. Expect $100 – maximum $150 depending on destination. (We will pick up anything over $150).

Here are the details:

  • Frame Color – dark metallic gray (unusual color for a Greenspeed)
  • Seat Color – dark blue
  • Crankset – 165mm Shimano 105 triple
  • Brake Calipers and Levers- Gatorbrake hydraulic (mirrored)
  • Brake lines – stainless braid shielded
  • Front Derailleur – Shimano 105 9 speed
  • Wheels – 349 Greenspeed (unmarked)
  • Tires – Scorchers
  • Shifters – Shimano 9 speed bar end
  • Chain – stock 9 speed
  • Idlers and Chain Tubes – Greenspeed factory set up
  • Rear Derailleur – Shimano 105 9 speed long cage
  • Rear Hub – Shimano Capreo 9-26

Additional Features

  • Greenspeed factory headrest
  • Greenspeed factory rear fender
  • Cateye Wireless computer

DF vs DFXL Size

While I’ve got both a DF and a DFXL in my garage, I thought I’d post some photos that show the size difference between the two models for reference.

Here are the dimensions.

Check out how Daniel Fenn derived the pattern (buck) for the DFXL from an expanded DF. Notice how he avoided expanding the wheel wells, derailleur hatch and front cover to keep the changes simple… Very clever.

The DF (blue) and the DFXL (red) currently residing in my garage. BTW… one of these will be for sale after a brief evaluation period,