Bacchetta Corsa

This is the Corsa that I owned for less than a year. I just never really got into it so I sold it. After I met my friend, Nick, who rides a Corsa, I regretted selling it. Nick really flies on his and I can’t keep up with him on a trike.

2 thoughts on “Bacchetta Corsa

  1. I love your site, I was a very avid cyclist back in my day, Cat 3, but with this constant neck pain that travels down my scapula and eventually leaves my right arm numb, I have almost quit riding altogether, have gone to comfort bikes, changed geometry, had several fittings done. Alas I am hopeful I will once again be able to ride, recumbent seems to be the savior for me, now the big dilemma trike or 2 wheeler, I really want that sense of speed, and still want to climb up Palomares, thanks for all the info. I want to eventually go out with all my riding buddies and be able to keep up, any insight? Thanks in advance…


    Ruben Paredes Jr.

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