Trice XXL Available

Update 10-27-2016 This trike is no longer listed…

I recently came across a very nice Trice XXL for sale at a reasonable price. The custom Trices are very hard to find – especially in this condition. I can’t buy it myself right now, but if you have any interest, let me know. I’ll connect you with the seller.



DF XL On Order

I’ve been thinking about getting a velomobile for many years. I finally pulled the trigger and ordered a DF XL. My friend, Jonathan Gray, has a regular DF. It is a bit too small for me so I’ve opted for the XL.

I’m told that it should take 10 weeks to ship plus the 3 weeks of summer shutdown at the factory. So, I should get it sometime in September. The color is always fun to ponder. I really like Jonathan’s orange DF. But, we can’t have 2 orange DFs cruising around Santa Barbara so I’ve ordered a red one. Here are some pictures of the DF…


Here’s a DF wearing a race cap.image