I’ve been thinking about getting a velomobile for a few years. The velomobiles that I considered were the Milan GT, Go-One Evo and the DF. I almost ordered a Milan a couple of years ago but the wait time seemed too unpredictable. At the time, the Evo and the DF were just a bit pricey. Fast forward to 2016. I had recently un-retired and about that time, the exchange rate was very favorable, making the DF much more affordable. So I decided to take the leap and order a DF XL.

I once sat in a standard DF and it seemed pretty tight. My shoes dragged, my knees touched the inside of the body shell and my shoulders touched the sides. So it was a pretty easy decision to order the DF XL, even though I had never sat in one. It is just a couple of extra inches longer and wider. Now that it’s here, I can say that the DF XL seems to be exactly the right size for me.

I’ll fill in more information and photos as I dial it in and put some miles on it. For now, here are some photos…

Some more recent pictures:


Here’s a photo that I found on the internet taken a while ago when I brought the DF XL to the local Cars and Coffee.28436032_173626836605412_3365972849197056000_n

The DF XL with “pants”…

‘Check out the velomobile rack –>

Note: The DFXL has been sold to my buddy David L.