Milan Hood Version 3

The second version of my Milan hood was pretty successful. However, it still had a small problem that I should have addressed in an earlier version. Since I barely fit in the Milan SL, my knees can touch the inside surface of the knee bumps from time to time. Over a long ride, this can get a bit irritating. So I decided to make one more version of my hood with taller knee bumps.

Rather than build a new plug, I decided to modify the previous (V2) plug by adding more volume to its knee bumps. To do this, I laid up some knee bumps from the V2 mold and grafted them on to the V2 plug. Here is the progression of cutting and shaping the bumps.

Here you see the V3 plug, set up with flanges, before making the new mold. This time around I decided to incorporate the pesky leading edge lip into the main mold rather than as a separate mold and part as I had done on the previous 2 molds.

It’s difficult to notice the enhanced knee humps visually on the V3 hood. After all the work, I gained about 3/4″ of extra clearance for my knees.