Front & Back Polaroid Cube Holder

I had a tough time finding a good place to mount my front and rear facing Polaroid Cube cameras on the Milan SL so I came up with this temporary back to back camera mount. I’ll use this until I can come up with something better. This mount is attached to the left side window. Here are some views of the design in Fusion 360.

Each camera has its own microUSB cable that is fed to a battery pack / charger. Here it is in real life on the Milan SL. I didn’t spend a lot of time smoothing and painting it since I consider it a temporary solution.

I’ve since gotten rid of the Polaroid Cube cameras in favor of a dedicated motorcycle dash cam system. This required re-designing the camera holder for the smaller, lipstick shaped cameras.

2 thoughts on “Front & Back Polaroid Cube Holder

  1. Am trying to build a hood for my Milan sl. Yours is almost exactly what im shooting for. I want to make a different opening mechanism. The idea is something like the way the hood on a saab operates, pop up and slide forward.
    Not as good an engineer as you, so hoping there will be pro-made hood that looks like yours available on Velomobile world.

    • Hi Sven,
      Thanks for the complement. I am no engineer. Now that I’m retired, I’ve got time on my hands and the patience to learn how to build stuff. I too am waiting for the Battle Mountain hood from Velomobile World to become available. It looks a lot nicer than mine for sure. I never liked how the Milan lid hinged on a piece of cable housing. Your idea sounds better. For now, I just lift it on and off. By the way, I’ve just finished a new plug and mold for the Milan hood. I didn’t like the way my first hood fit at the back because of the gap. I’ll be laying up a new hood tomorrow. I’ll post pictures showing the difference when I’ve got it ready roll.

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