DFXL 95 Gets Some New Stickers

David L, the new owner of my DFXL, has requested some changes to the stickers so I fired up the vinyl cutter. We’ve removed the small gold and black “Human Powered” stickers and replaced them with the larger white stickers. Here’s the updated DFXL.

3 thoughts on “DFXL 95 Gets Some New Stickers

  1. Dear Michael, I really love the stickers you design and make! I live in Holland and ride a traffic yellow DF XL 91. Is there any way that you could make such a set for me? gladly will wire you money for producing them and postage. Would be ever so happy. Arjen Meurs

    • Hello Arjen… I normally don’t sell my stuff. It’s not always the highest quality and I don’t like to disappoint. There is a a guy who makes velomobile stickers for sale. I see that he has made copies of my stuff in the past. This is OK with me. Perhaps he can help if you point him to a photo of an example. He can be found at: https://flaming-eyeball-graphics.square.site . Let me know if he can’t provide what you’re looking for.

      • Dear Michael, thnk you for the tip; I looked at Flaming Eyeball but your designs are not there and I think your designs for No Motor and Human Powered are neatly designed. Here in Utrecht I know a small letter-printing company which produces stickers. Could you please disclose the type you used for Human Powered and letter height? Then I can commission locally. In general, I think that your DF improvements are that interesting and I am surprised that Intercitybike Dronten has not put more of your inventions into production. Anyway, I love your tech solutions. Best wishes, Arjen

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