DFXL Updates

I don’t have much news to share. I’ve been tinkering with my DF XL so I thought I’d post some updated photos. I’ve added a center white stripe using automotive vinyl wrap and knifeless tape. I never liked the little stock mirrors. They are functional but I thought they looked a bit cheap. So I replaced them with B&M Cyclestar mirrors mounted in Velomobiel.nl mirror cones.

2 thoughts on “DFXL Updates

  1. Hello
    I just took delivery of a DF-XL here in St Paul and I too think the stock mirrors are cheap. I like your mirror cone idea.
    I ‘m surprised Jon Gray sold his DF. I emailed him last year about the DF.

  2. Congrats on getting a DF XL. I’m still really enjoying mine. I do like the looks of the mirror cones much better even though the stock mirrors are smaller and probably provide less drag. Velomobiel.nl uses the same paint colors (RAL3020 in my case) as ICB so the color matches perfectly.

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