DF #36 Sold

My friend, Jonathan Gray, is selling his standard-sized DF velomobile for a great price. I hate the fact that I’m losing a velomobile riding buddy. I’m selfishly hoping that someone in my area buys it so that I don’t have to ride solo. I don’t want to post his contact info here. So if you’re interested, comment below and I’ll get back to you.

DF #36 has been sold.

Here’s the info from Jonathan:

“I’ve decided to sell my standard size DF No. 36 for $7,500. The price includes two head lights, race cap/hood, Kojaks, cloth protective cover, kayak-style cockpit cover, four batteries, GPS mount, water bottle mount, Ventisit seat cover (standard thickness), triangular velomobile bag (for carrying tools, food, etc., inside DF), UTC (Universal Trike Carrier – a simple device to transport a velomobile on car roof), portable pump, and some related items like tools and tubes.

All electrical works correctly. The crank rings are 34/53. Included is an unmounted 56t ring. In the rear is a 11-36 cassette. Shifters are X0 10-speed. Drive train operates reliably and smoothly.
For an additional $500 I’ll include my used SportsRig lightweight trailer at the time of sale.
Also included in the price of the DF are the normal scrapes one would expect to find on a used velomobile.
I’m told by someone who recently purchased a new DF, that you should expect to pay $9,500 today for a DF and transportation to the US.
Should you know anyone interested in purchasing my DF, please give them my contact information. I’ll be happy to show it to prospective buyers here in Santa Barbara. Thank you.”

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