Greenspeed SLR

I bought my Greenspeed SLR from Dana at Bentup in May 2009. I bought it as a frame kit and built it up over the next few weeks. I don’t think that any other trike can fly through corners as fast as this trike. It sits less than an inch off the ground and with the negative camber on the front wheels, it’s almost impossible to lift a wheel in a turn.

Notice the customizations from a stock SLR. It has steering levers on both sides with no solid stick. It also has a 406 rear wheel instead of the stock 349.

Update: On July 5, 2012, I traded the SLR for the Trice Meteor. It was a tough decision, but it was time for the SLR to move on.

15 thoughts on “Greenspeed SLR

  1. Not sure who you traded it to but I have her now. Really beautiful machine. Have fitted a 60t front ring in place of the triple and raced at Chartlotte Motor Speedway last week – not very quick but it’s the first time racing – 10 miles @ 22 mph. Looking forward to a full racing season next year.


    • Here’s a tip that you’ve probably already figured out. When I first started riding the SLR, I would get unwanted steering input when I shifted gears due to the small amount of movement of my hand while shifting. I learned, for example, that if I’m going to shift with my right hand (rear derailleur), I’d grip the left steering handle with a rigid grip at the same time so the trike wouldn’t weave.

  2. Thanks – I’m fairly new to trikes having got my 1st – a GS X5 – earlier this year. One thing I do need to learn is not to pull on the steering levers to get extra purchase on the pedals – leads to steering ‘weave’ – must spin more (which shouldn’t be an issue since I’m a track pursuiter). Do you have any suggestions on pedalling style to stop the trike weaving under power?

  3. If you just hold the handle bars with a light grip, you shouldn’t be adding any steering input. Try to use your back in the seat to drive hard against the pedals. It seems that pedal steer sort of goes away after putting some miles on the trike.

  4. She now has a 451 wheel (with matching blue spokes) on the back – giving me some extra gear inches without the expense of another chainring and an extra 1/2″ clearance at the back of the skid plate.

    • i have an slr i’m looking to sell. bought in 09, and built up at POWER ON CYCLES here in central florida. trike has less than 80 miles. electric blue w/ mango chris king hub, matching AC cranks, T/A INDUST. 61 tooth chainring ect.. gorgeous machine!! brand new condition. call for details 727-434-0899 andy.

      • I know that SLR. It was the trike that inspired me to get one. It’s a great trike.

  5. Hi Andy, yes Mark has it on his website – he’s now in E. Tenneessee and did a hardshell conversion on my GS X5. Good luck with the sale – I campaign my SLR at Charlotte Motor Speedway TT series.
    Reagrsd, Geoff.

  6. Hello, Ive been researching the greenspeed Slr. I was just wondering where you purchased the steering levers from. I’ve been trying to look for them but no luck.

    • The steering levers are just part of the unique steering design that came with the trike from Greenspeed. They’re not just an add-on item.

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