Greenspeed Aero On the Way

A few nights ago, I woke up around 2AM as I often do. I was browsing around the Trikes For Sale forum on BentriderOnline and came across a near-new Greenspeed Aero for sale at an amazing price. It had just been posted a couple of hours prior. Sensing that I might be the first one to notice this find, I jumped on it and bought it.

After a couple of conversations the next morning with the owner, the price with shipping was agreed upon and the money was transferred into his bank account. However, the timing couldn’t be worse. The deal was struck just hours before hurricane Irma hit Florida where the trike lives. Now I’ve got to hope that the seller, the trike and the recumbent shop (doing the shipping) are in decent enough shape to send the trike at some point in the future.

I’m anxious to see how it compares to my current SLR. The SLR is the longer, lower, narrower inspiration for the Aero. My first SLR was really more like the Aero than my current SLR. I had that one built with 349 wheels up front and an elongated rear triangle to accommodate a 406 rear wheel – the same wheel sizes as the Aero. I also had GS modify the steering so both levers activated the steering unlike the stock SLR but exactly like the Aero.

I first saw the Aero prototype at the Recumbent CycleCon in Pomona a few years ago. I tried to buy it but it was already spoken for. Here are some terrible pictures of the prototype.



I don’t have pictures of my trike yet, but here is a stock photo of the Aero.


This photo is from the Bentrider Review of the Aero.



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