Removable Shade Cap for the Milan

After finishing the head out lid for the Milan SL, I thought about those sunny days that I need the added air flow of the lid, but also want some shade. I looked back at the shade cap that I made for my WAW. It worked well and I liked the way that it looked. So I decided that I should make a similar removable shade cap to use with the head out lid of the Milan.

Here’s my WAW shade cap from a few years ago. The WAW has some nice clamps installed on the inside of the lid near the cockpit edge. These were great for mounting the clear plexiglas posts shown below. It only took a few seconds to loosen the clamps to remove the cap.

WAW Shade Cap

I already had a scrap piece of a hood from my Milan’s one piece hood mold. I just needed to come up with the plexiglas posts and some clamps similar to those used in the WAW.

Here is the Milan shade cap. Notice in the head on view below, how much open space there is for air to pass through.

Here’s the clamp that I designed to mount the clear plexiglass posts. I printed them with carbon fiber / nylon filament and embedded metal M5 threaded inserts.

By the way… I’m aware that the Milan’s aerodynamics are most likely compromised with this cap, but its only purpose to keep me comfortable on warm days.

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