I’m back down to owning 2 velomobiles again. My friend David L has bought my DFXL. The DFXL was my first velomobile and the test bed for all of my custom parts. I decided to sell it after determining that I could comfortably squeeze into my recently purchased standard DF. It just so happens that David was in the market for his first commercially produced velomobile and the deal was done quickly. I’m so glad that there will be another velomobile rider in town to share this strange hobby with.

David is the grand daddy of recumbent trike riding in Santa Barbara. He’s the guy that got me interested in trikes. He was one of Wizwheelz’s first customers in the 1990s when he bought one of their first generation TerraTrike recumbent trikes. David is no stranger to velomobiles. He’s been tinkering with home made coroplast bodied Terratrikes since those early days. Now he’s finally got the velomobile that he’s been wanting for all these years.

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