Another Bike!

Only days after I picked up the Carbent, I noticed a posting in Craig’s List for a Bacchetta Carbon Aero for $1000. It looked to be in near new condition. I had to check it out. So, I made the trip up to San Luis Obispo and bought it on the spot. It has some pretty high end components like a carbon fiber crank, Q-Rings and a carbon fiber seat. It is pristine.

I’ve ridden both of my high racers and have decided that the Carbon Aero is staying and the Carbent will be put up for sale soon.

2 thoughts on “Another Bike!

  1. Hi this is PERRY an Santa Barbara The Shock on the right side front shock is messed up do you know how I can fix this I don’t know what to do with it and get back to me if you can xxx-xxxx thanks if not I hope to see you on the trail

    • Hi Perry. It’s been a while…I can’t remember if you have an HP Velotechnic or an ICE trike. In either case, I’d suggest that you call Dana at Bentup Cycles in North Hollywood. He’s a dealer for both brands so he can fix you up.

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