Greenspeed GLR Sold

I recently noticed a want to buy ad for a GLR on BentriderOnline. This got me thinking about whether I really needed my GLR. It was fun putting it together and updating it, but with 2 velomobiles and a couple of other trikes available, I just wasn’t riding it. So I contacted the buyer and worked out a good deal. The GLR will soon be cruising the streets of Florida.

2 thoughts on “Greenspeed GLR Sold

  1. Aw man, here I thought I was going to be able to keep track of my old ride. I don’t suppose the new owner has a blog too?

    • Not that I know of…If you check BentriderOnline’s (BROL) “ISO – Want To Buy” forum, you should be able to find a recent thread titled “Greenspeed GLR”. If you’re a BROL member, you can private message the author of that thread.

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