WAW Velomobile On Order

The wait begins. I placed an order with Katanga in the Czech Republic for a new WAW velomobile. It should be here in mid January if all goes well. I’ve heard great things about the WAW, but it is a bit on the heavy side. I ordered it with full carbon fiber construction and without rear suspension in order to save weight. If the solid rear end doesn’t work out, rear suspension can be added at a later time. Here’s a photo of a WAW similar to the one I’ve ordered.dscn2684-1024x768

My WAW will be this color blue but will have black visible carbon fiber wheel covers (instead of the matching blue). Also the lights in the nose will be laid out a bit differently as shown in the red WAW below.



3 thoughts on “WAW Velomobile On Order

  1. Congratulations. I have the same WAW configuration like you’ve ordered – WAW340. It’s great machine. I am very interested in comparison of this the most sportive WAW with DF. The DF has a reputation of being one of the fastest velo, while WAW is rather considered as an ideal commuting vehicle so I am wondering whether WAW can compete with DF in terms of speed.

    • A friend of mine, (Ben Dover on BentriderOnline) has a DF, a WAW and a Quest XS. He tells me that the WAW is slower off the line but seems to maintain speed at the high end better than his DF. It’ll be fun to see if that’s true.

      • I think he does not have full carbon and T2 tail like you have. I suppose your WAW should be a little bit faster. Let’s see.

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