Gregory’s Mostly Brand New 700

I was spiffing up my friend, Gregory’s 700 recently. It was a yellow first generation with the 16″ wheels. These early 700s did not have a gusset where the boom meets the cruciform and tended to crack. Sure enough, his was cracked there. Back when he bought the 700 Catrike offered a lifetime warranty on their frames. (Now it’s 5 years). With the help of Dana at Bent Up Cycles, Catrike honored the warranty and replaced the frame.

They offered a new geometry 2017 frame which meant that some other new parts were needed. Catrike also threw in new spindles and a new tie rod. 20″ wheels were also needed but not included. (fair enough). We just had Dana order some Catrike 20″ rims and I built them up using Gregory’s front hubs from his 16″ wheels. While we were at it, we added a new head rest, a new SRAM GX rear derailleur and a new chain. The brakes, rear wheel, cassette and crankset were just moved over to the new frame from the old one.

Gregory had asked for a color change to the special order flame blue color. What showed up was not as light as flame blue but not as dark as the normal electric blue. It looks great, whatever it is. Knowing that his yellow boom wouldn’t look great with the blue, we ordered a new standard black one. In the meantime, I got creative and stripped the yellow powder coat from the old boom and sanded and polished it. I like the look of bare aluminum. (See the Catrike SilverCat). If I were ever to build another Catrike, I’d be tempted to order it in raw aluminum.

The pictures below show it with the polished boom (plus some Catrike stickers hot off of my vinyl cutter).

IMG_2537Here are some more shots of Gregory’s blue 700…


Switched out the polished boom for a stock black one. I think that’s the way to go.


Flashing the gold bling…IMG_2680IMG_2599IMG_2591

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