Passing Bikes

My friend Bill and I took a nice ride up and back on Highway 1 between Rincon and Ventura today. This ride is a perfect velomobile route. It is very flat, the pavement is perfect and the views are great.

I’ve mounted a rear facing video camera on the DF just in case I ever need evidence of a misbehaving driver. On today’s ride, I captured a fun little clip. Bill and I were cruising along at about 18mph. We were caught by a small group of 3 bike riders. As they came by, I asked if I could hang behind them. They were OK with that. I stayed back for a short while and decided to jump to the front to pull them along. I stepped it up to about 22mph for a mile or so. Here’s how it looked:

You’ll notice in the distance that Bill also passed them and left them behind. We never saw them again. This is the kind of fun that you can have riding a velomobile. Imagine how fast these younger, stronger riders would go if they got their hands on a velomobile.

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