This is the new version of my old site Recumbent Fun. That site had to go away when Apple killed its Mobile Me service. Thanks for bothering to find this site.

I’ve put up this site to show the recumbents (mostly trikes) that I’ve owned since I got into these strange vehicles in 2000. I’m sure that not many people care about this stuff, but it’s kind of fun as time goes on for me to look back on the various trikes and bikes that I’ve owned.

4 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. What? No Challenge Concept or Alize?!? I’ve owned a GS GTO, Catrike Road, Challenge Concept, Challenge Alize, Organic Engines Troika and Trident Chameleon. You’re missing the best ride of all!

    • I checked out the Challenge Concept when it first came out. It is a nice looking trike. I like the use of foil shaped tubing etc. However, I didn’t like the ride. The center of gravity was too high for my tastes. The trike felt very tippy. I’ve ridden a Catrike Road. I do like Catrikes, but I preferred the more reclined position of the Speed. I haven’t tried the Troika nor the Trident. They look like nice trikes.

    • I really should come this year. I couldn’t make it last year. If I do come, I’ll try to bring the SLR. I’m not sure that it’s any faster than any other trike, but it sure is a blast to ride. What is the date of the event this year?

      Michael B.

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