Trice Meteor (No. 4 of 7 built) Sold

Sold! The Meteor will be picked up by the new owner, Elizabeth, in March. I’m looking forward to setting up the Meteor for Elizabeth and seeing her ride it for the first time.

Up for sale is my rare Trice Meteor trike, hand built by ICE (Inspired Cycle Engineering) in the UK. Trice hand built trikes rarely appear for sale. Having owned over a dozen trikes from Greenspeed, Catrike, ICE (and even TerraTrike), I consider Trice trikes to be in a class of their own.

Before ICE started selling their great mass produced models (Adventure, Sprint and Vortex), they used to hand build trikes to order. During this period, up to 2005, ICE had 15 models in their lineup. Some well known models were the Micro, XXL and the Monster.

The Meteor is one of the most aggressive Trice models made. It is very long, low and laid back. The only more aggressive model is the unobtainable Monster. The Meteor is a cross between the XXL and the Monster. It has 406 front wheels and the same front track as the XXL, but has the larger 559 rear wheel like the Monster.

This Meteor is one of the rarest Trices built. The color is difficult to describe. It is a dark metallic red. However, in some of the pictures below, it appears to be a dark orange. This Meteor originally cost over $6000 new. See the bill of sale in the pictures below.

History of Meteor (4 of 7)

According to John Olson at ICE, my Meteor, frame number 4036, was the 36th trike produced in 2004.  It was the first trike with 4 layers of carbon in the seat.  It was the 4th (out of 7) Meteors ever built. It was ordered by a woman (name withheld) from The Bike Rack in Illinois. It was shipped on May 19, 2004 from the UK to the Bike Rack. The owner moved to Eugene Oregon soon thereafter. According to her husband, she probably put less than 500 miles on the trike. A few years later, it was sold to a BROL member (name withheld) who had it for a while. Last summer, that member knew of my interest in the trike and contacted me. We arranged a trade and the trike came to Santa Barbara.


This trike was built in 2004. I am not the original owner. It appears to have very low mileage. The paint is excellent. The drive train is in excellent shape. I replaced the cables, brake levers, tires and Terracycle Idlers. There are some paint scratches on the bottom of the frame. They are only visible when the trike is upside down. There is no rust or corrosion. The trike is beautiful.

Why Sell?

I once owned a beautiful hand built Trice XXL. I sold it on BROL and regretted it immediately. After that, I decided that I must always own a hand built Trice. After a couple years of sleuthing, I was able to find a Monster owner in the UK willing to sell me his Monster. If I didn’t already own that Monster, I would never let go of this trike. It is second only to the Monster in my book. However, I have plans for another trike so selling the Meteor will help fund that project.


I have an ICE factory trike shipping carton ready for shipping the Meteor. I have sold many recumbent trikes and bikes in the last 13 years. I promise that the trike will be disassembled minimally and packed very carefully. I will take many photos of the disassembly process and post them online to aid in the re-assembly of the trike. I can provide references from BROL members to whom I’ve shipped trikes.


  • Shimano Ultegra front derailleur
  • Shimano Ultegra triple crankset 170mm crank arm length
  • Shimano Deore disc brakes
  • Stock 406 Trice front wheels
  • Schwalbe Stelvio front tires (near new)
  • Bonus set of 349 front wheels (Silver Velocity Aerohead / black Bitex hubs)
  • 349 Stelvio tires (near end of life)
  • pedals not included
  • Shimano 9 speed bar end shifters
  • Tektro Eclipse brake levers
  • Lezyne aluminum bottle cage
  • B&M Cyclestar mirrors
  • Factory carbon fiber seat and pad
  • Factory head rest
  • Terracycle Elite Series (titanium) front and rear idlers (near new)
  • Shimano 11-34 9 speed cassette
  • Shimano Deore XT 9 speed long cage rear derailleur
  • SubZero Xtra Lite rear wheel
  • Shimano Deore LX rear hub
  • Schwalbe Durano rear tire (near new)
  • KMC X9 chain
  • Complete set of ICE factory fenders

Front Wheels

For a fun of it, I built a set of 349 front wheels for the Meteor to make it more Monster-like. This experiment worked pretty well. The steering was definitely more responsive and the lower center of gravity improved the already great handling. (I also think they make the trike look great.) There are some tradeoffs. The smaller front wheels lower the front of the trike – lowering the bottom bracket . Dragging a heel in some situations is possible. Also, the change in caster can make the steering feel more twitchy. These extra wheels will be included in the sale along with the stock 406 wheels.

Front Brakes

I’ve used Avid BB7 disc brakes on most of my trikes. When I obtained the Meteor, I planned to convert from the Shimano Deores to Avid BB7s. As it turned out, I really liked the Shimanos. They are very quiet and easy to modulate so I stuck with them.


$3100 plus shipping  –   (figure about $150 for shipping depending on distance from Santa Barbara, CA)

Take a look at the pictures below. Notice the craftsmanship and the fine details of the frame. (Click any picture to open a larger view gallery)

Meteor and Monster Spec Comparison

Inspired Cycle Engineering-1de6d324d222882813c8513b0acbb9383

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