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Screen Shot 2017-12-05 at 5.13.43 PMIMG_2222IMG_1860Screen Shot 2017-10-10 at 3.16.34 PMScreen Shot 2017-09-22 at 5.11.54 AMScreen Shot 2017-09-22 at 4.56.09 AMIMG_1848IMG_1854Pasted_Image_9_5_17__11_23_PMIMG_1834IMG_1835IMG_1836Screen Shot 2017-09-01 at 1.31.12 PMScreen Shot 2017-08-31 at 9.41.42 PM

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IMG_6850 2img_0519mail-attachmentscreen-shot-2016-12-03-at-9-13-53-pmimg_0475img_0477img_8920img_8921img_0465img_3561Screen Shot 2016-07-10 at 9.43.22 AM.pngIMG_2471Stelvios001003017Screen Shot 2013-08-16 at 4.08.19 PMClick on a picture to open a gallery of larger versions of these pictures


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Greenspeed Aero Moves On

After a couple of months of owning the Aero, I’ve decided to let it go. The Aero is a light and zippy trike, but doesn’t add anything unique to my current collection of trikes (Monster, SLR and DF XL).  I was going to put it up for sale on BROL. Then my friend Gregory took it out on a test ride on a recent visit and decided that he really liked it. He said that it “felt” faster than his Catrike 700. So the Aero now lives in the San Francisco Bay Area.

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