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IMG_6850 2img_0519mail-attachmentscreen-shot-2016-12-03-at-9-13-53-pmimg_0475img_0477img_8920img_8921img_0465img_3561Screen Shot 2016-07-10 at 9.43.22 AM.pngIMG_2471Stelvios001003017Screen Shot 2013-08-16 at 4.08.19 PMClick on a picture to open a gallery of larger versions of these pictures




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Windscreen For the DF XL

I’ve been thinking about adding a windscreen to the DF XL. IntercityBike sells one that is attached using velcro. It is a simple shape that sort of fits any velomobile. I believe that it is this one sold for Quests:


I’m sure this works fine but I don’t like the way that it fits nor the use of velcro, which remains stuck to the body even if the windscreen is not in use.

So I came up with a shape specifically to fit the DF XL. Instead of using velcro I’m using magnets. This is a cleaner and more secure way to attach the windscreen. Here are some photos:

It is made with 0.030″ Lexan so it’s pretty light and flexible. It does get in the way a bit getting in and out. It turns out not to be a problem since it just pops on and off so easily with the magnet mounting approach. There are magnets glued to the windscreen and magnets stuck on the inside of the body. I just have these body magnets taped for now.
The windscreen does seem to add some speed, maybe 1-2mph at the high end, but that’s just a guess. You do look through it while riding, so scratches may become a problem. It can get warmer in the cockpit since it reduces air flow into the cockpit. In that case, it’s easy to just pop it off and stash it while riding.
Here is a larger, wrap-around version that I’ve been considering. This one will take a much larger piece of Lexan.
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