Optima Baron

Update: The Baron was collecting dust since I no longer have any riding buddies who ride recumbent bikes. So, the Baron has been sold.

I bought my Optima Baron from Bentup Cycles. I’ve never owned a low racer so I thought it might be fun to try. I had a high racer (Bacchetta Corsa) for a while but it just didn’t do much for me. I’ve grown to really love the Baron. I’d guess that my average speed is about 2 mph faster over any of my trikes. I still own the Baron and ride it at least once a week and when I need to keep up with my friend Nick on his Corsa.

5 thoughts on “Optima Baron

    • I like the way it looks, but I couldn’t really tell a lot of difference in performance. It’s kind of noisy and it makes it difficult to inflate the tire.

  1. Hi, Can I ask you a question?
    I saw you sold a Baron for your friend Greg. A very nice bike! I am trying to figure out which parts were used for the open cockpit, especially the stem. In the description only the Terracycle Glideflex is mentioned, and the (likely) handle bars. I have been searching for the stem, but I haven’t been able to find it. I would like to transfer my Fujin to an open cockpit, and the stem seems juist right. Can’t even find something that is close.
    Could you please ask Greg what brand it is? Thanks very much!
    O, I forgot. I can’t find the Aero front 406 wheel neither. Could you also ask him where he bought it?
    Regards, Ronald.
    (Sorry for posting here, I cannot post below the right blog).

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