Monster No. 007

I’ve owned quite a few ICE/Trice trikes over the last 18 years (ICE S, XXL, Meteor, Micro Light, Vortex and Monster). The Monster was the holy grail for me. I was thrilled when I was able to locate and buy No. 007 from the original owner in the UK in 2012. I’ve bought and sold many recumbents and velomobiles during this period but never considered selling the Monster.

Here are some early photos of the Monster taken soon after it made the trip to California in 2012. Notice the near stock configuration with the full set of chain tubes, 355 front wheels with Stelvio tires and the old style carbon fiber seat.

Over the years, I’ve upgraded various parts on the Monster. As I substituted newer parts, I bagged and stored all of the original parts (as shown above) so that I would always have the option of returning the Monster to its original configuration.

Here are the vintage parts photographed today (12/3/2022). I believe that I also have a set of brand new, old stock 355 Stelvio tires that are not shown.

The following photos were taken today. They show the current condition and configuration. These are the upgrades from the original set up:

  • 406 front wheels replacing the stock 355 wheels to allow for a wider selection of tires.
  • Avid X0 hydraulic brakes.
  • FSA SLA Carbon Fiber triple crankset (165mm arm length).
  • VTX carbon fiber seat, custom seat post and seat pad.
  • Chain tubes removed and Terracycle idlers installed.