Trice Micro Light For Sale

Trice Micro Light #19 of 68

Update: The Micro has been sold.

Up for sale is a rare Trice Micro Light, hand built in 2001 at ICE. This is Micro frame #1049, #19 of 68 Micros built and #6 of 11 Light versions built. This Micro is in exceptionally nice shape. The paint is beautiful with a few chips and scuffs. All stickers and logos are in great shape. It handles, shifts and brakes great. Micros are known for being light, nimble and speedy. The components are mostly period correct as delivered when new. This Trice will fit very small and larger riders. I am 6 ft tall with an x-seam of 45 inches and it fits me.

To see the original Trice Micro web page with photos, prices and specs see:

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Price – Sold


Crankset – Schlumpf Speed Drive* with 56 tooth and 34 tooth chainrings
Pedals – not included
Chain – KMC 9 Speed
Front Derailleur – Campagnolo Daytona
Shifters – Shimano 9 Speed Bar End
Tires – New Kojak 349s (used Scorchers will be included)
Wheels – DT Swiss 349 rims (front and back)
Front Hubs – Hope
Brakes (calipers and levers) – Hope Hydraulic
Idlers and Chain Tubes – Stock Trice
Computer – Cateye Wireless
Rear Hub – Hope Hub with 11-32 Cassette
Seat and Headrest – Period Correct Carbon Fiber
Weight – 30lbs with Schlumpf Speed Drive

  • Note: The Schlumpf drive exhibits some play or backlash in the internal gearing. I am told that this is normal.