Milan SL Electrical Question

My Milan wiring setup is spaghetti. l’ve managed to get everything working as I think they should including running lights, turn indicators, brake light and tail light. Today I thought I’d tinker a little with it to try to clean things up. In the process, I’ve caused a problem that I can’t figure out. Rather than go into gory detail, I’ll ask a basic question to make sure that I understand what I should be seeing.

I have this flasher circuit board:

This is the only documentation that I have.

I was working on the electrical system today and have caused some problems. I think that I may have damaged this circuit board.I’ve got 6V DC at position #1 and Ground at Position #2. While that connection at #1 and #2 is active, none of the other (no-ground) positions register any voltage. I would have expected the Left +ve, Right +ve to be at 6V. Is this correct or have I damaged the board?